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The Freedom Convoy is starting to happen all over the world!!! – January 30, 2022

Freedom Truck Convoy – Absolutely Awesome HAHAHAHAHA – Swedish Pathetic MSM; One reported way down in the news that between 1000-2000 persons where in the convoy! Another – no report at all! “Just a fringe super small minority group”Justin Trudeau Thank You Canada for STARTING THIS HUGE TIDAL WAVE! Europe Convoy Convoy Convoy Convoy…

Funeral Director: 500%-600% INCREAESE IN 20-40 yo DEATHS, all j4bbed – Can nerve damage be reversed with sulforaphane? – January 29,2022

“I’ve Never Seen as Many Deaths.. It’s Around a 500 or 600% Increase” – Funeral Director in UK Reveals Increasing Number of Thromb0sis De4th in V-d Young Adults (VIDEO) Funeral director John O’Looney of Milton Keynes family funeral services in Milton Keynes, England shared in his recent interview with that deaths are at unprecedented levels at…